Platform and Project Goals

Purposes of the Platform is to increase awareness about energy management system (EnMS), energy sistem optimization (ESO) and industrial energy efficiency (IEE) and stimulate the local market for energy efficiency services to industry, including energy management.

The Platform aims to provide information and tools to be used primarily by energy efficiency consultants and enterprises’ personnel for energy management system (EnMS) implementation, steam and compressed-air system optimization projects, and other best-available technologies and techniques for industrial energy efficiency.
The Platform has information for self-studying and data for connecting enterprises with EnMS/IEE specialists and service providers.

The GEF-UNIDO project “Catalyzing market transformation for industrial energy efficiency and accelerate investments in best available practices and technologies in North Macedonia” aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of industry in the Republic of North Macedonia by accelerating the transformation of the local market for industrial energy efficiency (IEE), by addressing many of the existing barriers, in particular through strengthening policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks for IEE and supporting increased diffusion of and investment in best available industrial energy efficiency practices and technologies.
It is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) with committed co-financing from UNIDO, national government institutions, Development Bank of North Macedonian and other project partners.

The project is implemented by UNIDO and executed by the REC Country Office Macedonia (REC COM) in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Ministry of Economy, the Energy Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia and Development Bank of North Macedonian. The project run from February 2015 till June 2021.

The project seeks to address many of the existing barriers to energy efficiency in Macedonian industry through an integrated approach that combines capacity building with targeted technical assistance interventions at the policy, market and energy efficiency implementation level. It contributes to accelerating the transformation of the Macedonian market for industrial energy efficiency towards increased use and demand for best-available practices and technologies such as energy management systems in line with ISO 50001 and greater offer of related consultancy services.

The project pursues its objectives of reducing industrial GHG emissions and transforming the local market for IEE through barrier-mitigation interventions at three levels:

  1. Strengthening the Republic of North Macedonian policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks for IEE and green industry

At the policy, regulatory and institutional level, the project works with decision-makers to ensure that targeted, supportive policies, secondary legislation and programs are put in place to promote and support industrial energy efficiency and energy management systems.  It also aims to ensure that decision-makers build the knowledge needed to promote and support industrial energy efficiency in a sustainable and increasingly more effective way.

  1. Supporting market development for the deployment and diffusion of best available practices and technologies for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in industry

The project also supports introduction and  deployment of energy management systems in line with ISO 50001 and best-available techniques for industrial energy systems efficiency improvement in Macedonian enterprises and local IEE market.  To so do, it works both on the demand and supply side for energy efficiency services, through knowledge dissemination between industry decision-makers, skills and expertise upgrade of national EE service providers, as wells as training, hands-on experience and coaching for enterprises on implementing energy management systems and energy systems optimization projects.  The training programmes make use of a “Train-the-Trainers” approach.

  1. Scaling up investments in energy efficiency technologies for industry

Finally, the project aims to accelerate the pace of investments in IEE projects and technologies, by enhancing the use of existing financing facilities for investments in industrial EE, and by helping mobilize additional financing from the Macedonian banking sector.  The project specifically focuses on increasing the quality and number of IEE projects and investment proposals submitted to Macedonian banks and increasing the incentives for enterprises and banks to invest and engage in industrial energy efficiency projects.

More information on the project and UNIDO’s Industrial Energy Efficiency (IEE) programme are available in the resources.

More information on ISO 50001 Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use and related standard are available on the website of the International Organization for Standardization ( or in the Energy Management System section.

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