UNIDO-qualified National Energy Efficiency Experts

The objective of the UNIDO EnMS expert training programme was to create a cadre of national energy efficiency experts equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to support the implementation of energy management systems aligned with ISO 50001.

At the end of the expert training, national trainees acquired the following set of knowledge, expertise and skills:

  • Knowledge of the strategic benefits of EnMS implementation.
  • A strong understanding of all elements of an EnMS that conforms to the ISO 50001 standard, as well as best practices and how to implement them.
  • A sound understanding of energy performance metrics and relevant best practices.
  • A strong understanding of resource requirements and costs involved in the implementation of EnMSs in industrial organizations.
  • A good understanding of key barriers to EnMS implementation and possible mitigation measures.
  • The ability and experience needed to implement an EnMS in an industrial facility.
  • The ability and experience needed to audit an EnMS, verifying and reporting on its energy
  • The ability to deliver seminars and training on EnMSs and ISO 50001.
  • Knowledge of legislation and regulations relevant to the implementation of EnMSs in a specific country.
  • Knowledge of financing options available for EnMS implementation and energy efficiency (EE) projects in a specific country.

The Compressed Air-System (CASO)/Steam System (SSO) EXPERT training is an intensive training programme delivered by leading international CASO/SSO experts to national energy efficiency consultants, service providers, equipment vendors/suppliers and industry engineers. This training provided more in-depth technical knowledge on how to evaluate, troubleshoot, make improvements to and design industrial compressed-air/steam systems. The training taught also identification and cost-benefit analysis of potential improvement opportunities.

National EE consultants and other trainees were trained through classroom, on-the-job practice and coaching by international CASO/SSO experts and they are equipped with the expertise, skills and tools required for providing the following services:

  • Conducting industrial compressed-air/steam systems energy assessments (in line with ASME and ISO standards)
  • Assisting enterprises and coaching facility personnel on compressed-air system optimization project development and implementation, and
  • Delivering CASO/SSO USER training

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