Compressed air-system assessment and optimization USER training

Call for Applications


“Catalyzing market transformation for industrial energy efficiency and accelerate investments in best available technologies and practices in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”



The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Ministry of Economy, the Energy Agency and the Development Bank of North Macedonia started to implement the project “Catalyzing market transformation for industrial energy efficiency and accelerate investments in best available technologies and practices in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” in 2015.

The project is primarily funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), is implemented by UNIDO and jointly executed by UNIDO and the Macedonian country office of the Regional Environmental Center for Eastern Europe. The project aims to support industrial energy efficiency through an integrated approach – capacity building and targeted technical assistance in the area of policy, market support and implementation of energy savings measures.

The project goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Republic of North Macedonia through improved energy performance of enterprises and the accelerated transformation of the North Macedonian industrial energy efficiency market, working on increasing the demand and availability of industrial energy efficiency services (IEE), through:

  • Applying best available practices and technologies through the implementation of energy management systems and energy system optimization,
  • Increasing the quantity and quality of consulting services in these areas and
  • Increasing the number of investments in IEE.

The project is comprised of three components:

  1. Strengthening North Macedonian policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks and capacity for market transformation for industrial energy efficiency and green industry – Project Component 1 (PC1)
  2. Market development support for deployment and diffusion of best available practices and technologies for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability in industry – Project Component 2 (PC2)
  3. Scaling-up of investments in energy efficiency technologies for industry – Project Component 3 (PC3)



Local consultants and representatives of industrial enterprises receive training within the framework of project component 2 in the following areas of technical expertise:

  1. Energy management systems (EnMS) in industry (in accordance with ISO 50001)
  2. Industrial steam system optimization (SSO)
  3. Industrial compressed air-system optimization (CASO)

The three programmes are complementary.

The EnMS, SSO and CASO programmes were based on a combination of traditional learning, learning through doing, mentorship, use of specialized tools and taking a final exam. Local energy efficiency consultants and professionals obtained the necessary tools and expertise to implement energy management systems and to identify, develop and implement energy savings measures and projects for energy system optimization. As a result of the trainings and EnMS implementation in 21 companies, SSO in 9 companies and CASO in 4 companies, energy cost savings of over 4.5 million USD were achieved.

This Call for Applications is aimed at prospective participants in the Industrial Compressed Air-System Optimization (CASO) programme.



This programme is focused on optimizing compressed air systems. The compressed air-system optimization approach is based on the best available practices and technologies for industrial energy efficiency. The systems optimization approach promoted and supported by UNIDO aims to go beyond the simple approach of using more energy efficient equipment through a comprehensive system-wide approach. Results show that the efficiency of any equipment is affected by the system within which it operates as a whole.

In the course of compressed-air system assessments carried out by the project, enterprises have identified opportunities for 50% or more annual energy savings in their compressed-air systems, corresponding to between 15,000 and 80,000 EUR of annual energy cost savings. CASO assessments have also identified and suggested measures to address system wide leaks, inefficient compressors configurations, risks of production stoppages and other challenges which greatly reduce the overall cost-effectiveness of the compressed-air systems and supported production operations.


CASO User Training

The CASO user training is a three-day training course aimed at engineers, operators and maintenance personnel at industrial enterprises and at energy efficiency service providers. The training has been designed to enable participants to assess the operation of compressed air systems, to determine energy and cost performance, identify opportunities for improvement and achieve cost savings through operational control, system maintenance and appropriate usage of the installations. This training also elaborates on the basic principles of energy efficient systems design, simultaneously demonstrating techniques for successful presentation of CASO projects before top management in industrial enterprises.

The training is FREE OF CHARGE.


Schedule and location of training

The CASO User Training will take place in June 2021. The prepared training materials are aimed at a three-day training, with a duration of 6hrs/day and a total of 18 hrs.

6 potential dates for the user training will be put to a vote: The 3 days that receive the largest number of votes will be fixed for the training. Votes will be collected at until Friday, 4 June 2021.

Dates Days
10 June Thursday
15 June Tuesday
17 June Thursday
22 June Tuesday
24 June Thursday
29 June Tuesday


The training will take place between 8:00 – 14:00 with 30 minute breaks at 10:00 and 12:00.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the training will take place online via the ZOOM platform and has been divided into 3 parts. Table 1 contains the schedule for the user training.

Table 1 CASO User Training Schedule

Date Time CASO training Location
TBA 8.00 – 14.00 Day 1 – Supply side of the systems: compressed air generation equipment and cost of compressed air Online
TBA 8.00 – 14.00 Day 2 – Compressed air treatment and distribution, and uses Online
TBA 8.00 – 14.00 Day 3 – Compressed air systems assessment and optimization Online


A detailed agenda will be provided to confirmed participants 7 days in advance of the event.

This Call is aimed at all companies in the Republic of North Macedonia working with compressed air systems (with an installed compressed-air power capacity of over 50 kW) to nominate at most three representatives (engineers and/or equipment operators) who will attend the User Training.



Mr. Goran Tanchevski is the Lead National Consultant for the industrial compressed-air system assessment and optimization training (CASO). Goran works as a consultant for large industrial system studies and projects related to energy management and optimization of compressed-air, steam, co-generation, HVAC and other systems that represent significant uses.

Goran is a certified UNIDO expert for implementing energy management systems (EnMS), compressed-air system optimization (CASO) and steam system optimization (SSO), and he is a certified European Energy Manager (EUREM-CCI). He is a Master of Science in mechanical engineering and he has a degree in technological engineering for food processing and biotechnology.