9. Identify people who may have significant impact on energy use

There are a number of people in all organizations who have a significant impact on your energy use. These people need to be identified and their level of training or competence evaluated to ensure that they understand their role and the influence they have on energy use.

These people can include the following:

  • Operators of large energy using equipment or processes. They are typically in a position to have a direct significant impact on energy use by how they operate the equipment or process. They typically include boiler and other large utility system operators.
  • Manufacturing or production process operators, managers and engineers.
  • Maintenance personnel including crafts people and their supervisors and engineers.
  • Security, cleaning and safety personnel. They typically see facilities in a different way and at different times to most employees. They are often aware of energy waste out of normal working hours.
  • People who can influence other people. This category includes managers, supervisors, team leaders, etc. It is important that they understand their roles from an energy perspective and that they use their positions to positively influence others in the organization.

Once the relevant people have been identified, you need to check their knowledge of their role regarding energy use. Where you identify gaps in their knowledge, you need to plan, deliver and document the relevant training to fill in these gaps.