8. Low-cost measures (for good “housekeeping” management)

Low-cost measures is, taking good care of the resources of your company, in this particular case of energy. In principle good housekeeping measures are based on common sense and good technical ability, not on high-tech or large modifications.

Good housekeeping options are easy to implement and usually (almost) free of cost! Pay back times are extremely short and savings are instant. The main barrier to their implementation is usually a resistance to question existing practices and to make the necessary changes.

Practice has shown that in many enterprises the amount of energy that can be saved by good housekeeping can be in the range of 25 to 50 per cent of the total energy saving potential. The total energy saving potential typically also includes more expensive measures and modifications of energy-infrastructure or production processes.

To see if good housekeeping measures are possible, you can ask yourselves the following questions for each item that uses energy:

  • Do I have to use this device or system?
  • What can I do to make it use less energy?
  • Can I make cheaper form of energy to be used?

The results of good housekeeping are:

  • Elimination of energy-uses that are not needed and minimization of energy losses.
  • Usually also improved operational procedures (also your production processes may benefit).
  • Optimized production level (increased efficiency = less energy per product).
  • Reduced energy costs.