5. Energy performance indicator (EnPls) (ER5 EnPI worksheet in the EnMS Tools spreadsheet)

Energy performance indicators show whether energy performance targets are being met. The most common and simplest energy performance indicator is conformance to financial budgets. One simple EnPI is the annualised view of usage.

Ideally you will have at least one high level EnPI for each energy source (electricity, fuel, etc.) You should also try to have an EnPI for each of your significant energy uses.

It is important that you develop these indicators during the planning phase so that you can monitor them during the checking phase. The indicators may require modification once you start using them in order to improve their effectiveness in showing you how you are performing.

DON`T FORGET! The main targets of the energy management system is to improve energy performance and constant future improvement.

Simple ratios

An example of a simple ratio which is commonly used and normally of little value is the specific energy consumption (SEC) of various utilities. As an example the SEC of compressed air in terms of kWh/Nm3 of air produced is used. This can be very misleading as, for example, if we repair leaks or reduce our air consumption, we will almost always increase the SEC.Thus increasing SEC can be an indicator of improving or worsening performance. The use of these ratios can divert attention away from truly indicative indicators of energy performance. Even simple annualized trends of energy use are often of more real value.