5. Conduct internal audits, nonconformities, correction, corrective and preventive action

5.1 Conduct internal audits

The purpose of an internal audit is to check that the EnMS is operating as designed.

An internal audit of an EnMS is an independent, systematic review of part or an organization’s EnMS. The purpose of the audit is to determine if the plans, activities and procedures described in the system are being conducted in the manner which the EnMS requires, for example:

  • Are the expected targets being achieved?
  • Are the plans and controls established by the organization being followed?
  • Is it realistic to suggest that the organization’s procedures and plans will achieve the stated objectives of the EnMS?

In your internal audit process you should describe the following:

  • The audit schedule annually;
  • How areas that contribute most to significant energy usage should be audited more frequently;
  • Competence requirements for internal auditors;
  • How audits scopes and objectives are agreed;
  • How audit findings are recorded, reported and addressed;
  • How the required corrective action is managed during subsequent audits;
  • How verification of the actions taken to address issues were raised.

The process for internal audits can easily be integrated with other existing management system audit processes.